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  Terms & Conditions

About www.callafghanistan.net

Welcome to www.callafghanistan.net website. www.callafghanistan.net began operating in early 2007 in San Diego, CA with a mission to be your source for fast, cheap & reliable prepaid calling card provider with instant pin delivery. www.callafghanistan.net has joined the premier prepaid providers to bring you the most effective calling cards for World Wide.

No need to run to stores to get calling cards, which cut your minutes and never give you what they have promised. In here, you can purchase premium quality pre-paid phone cards with best international and domestic rates online 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Shortly after you orders are approved, our systems automatically e-mail the PIN numbers. Therefore, you can begin utilizing your card immediately. . 

General Terms and Conditions

Please be advised that all SALES ARE FINAL once the PIN number is delivered to the customer thru e-mail. However, if you have any problem with card access number, experience quality problems or unable to use your phone card; call customer service number of the service provider of the card that you have received it in your email. Although we do not make the cards, but customer satisfaction is our main priority, so if a service providers’ customer service cannot resolve your problems please send us an e-mail at sales@callafghanistan.net and we'll make every attempt to ensure your satisfaction. This is for the prepaid long distance calling cards from US, Canada, Europe and Australia.



All Sales are Final for all orders. No exceptions, No refund, No exchanges under no circumstances once the pin codes issued or minutes applied to the customer phones and even the customer phone was invalid. That means, once the credit applied or pin codes emailed even to wrong or invalid phone numbers provided or email, we are not responsible.


We reserve the right to refuse or cancel any order if we feel suspicious about an order or a customer or if the customer does not fully cooperate during verifications, such providing physical or billing address or does not provide valid phone number.   

Top Up Refills or Scratch Top Ups for Roshan, AWCC, MTN and Etisalat

What is Online Top Up? Online Top Up means we apply the credit for Roshan, MTN & Etisalat Online. Because for the above 3 Afghan mobile operators we carry both Online Top Up and Scratch Top Up.

How long does it take to process the online Top Up? The processing or applying the minutes to phones for Online Top Up could be right away or few minutes later or it may take several hours. Sometimes it may take longer than 3-6 hours to process or even longer than that. Because we process the orders manually, and all orders are processed in order we receive them. Sometimes we may attempt to reach the customer to make sure we have a valid phone number. But, customer is responsible to provide us a valid phone to apply the credit to it. If a customer provides us invalid phone number and if the credit or minutes applied to that phone number, we will not issue credit to the customer again. We do not call every customer for phone verification. It is absolutely customer responsibility to make sure to give us a valid phone number.

What is Scratch Top Up? Scratch Top Up means, Mobile Refill cards or vouchers with PIN Codes. Pin codes emailed to the customers. We may not activate all accounts for instant pin delivery, which is just simply for security reasons.

We may email some pin codes instantly and some manually, that means we may not every account activate for instant pin delivery regardless of previous business with us. We may refuse an order if we feel suspicious. We may ask for the phone number in Afghanistan.

We may ask for Roshan, MTN, AWCC or Etisalat or any other carrier for verification purposes. If a customer refuses to provide us the phone number that the credit supposes to be applied, then, we reserve the right to cancel the order and do not provide the credit. We will simply refund the money.

We may be able to check which PIN is used by what phone number, if we notice any fraud, then, we may ask the carriers to investigate, report to local law enforcements and possible disable the sim cards. 


We may change or update any of the above terms and conditions at any time without prior notice! 

We may discontinue any product without prior notice! 

Also, be advised that callafghanistan.net does not have control over the domestic and international rates.

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