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Prepaid and Top Up


Dear Valued Customers, 

Roshan Top Up is our most popular product this year. However, due to too many requests, we are working hard to arrange Top Up Cards for other companies in Afghanistan as well, such as MTN, Etisalat, and AWCC hopefully we will have them soon. For MTN, Etisalat and AWCC we will have 500 AFGS and we will try to have them as soon as possible. 

We really appreciate everyone's business.  We are pleased to serve thousands of people with our prepaid services and our numbers are growing very rapidly.

We also have the best calling cards on the market. Watan Calling Cards are the best Calling Card to Call from USA/Canada to Afghanistan to Roshan, Estisalat, MTN and Afghan Telecom. It is 100% granteed calling cards with Premium Routes. Rates starting as low as 21c/min.

If you call to AWCC for a single, Ertebat Calling Cards are better which $5 gives 28 minutes for a single call. We have Ertebat from USA/Canada. Ertebat Calling Cars $4.25 each for 5 or more cards. 1 card $4.75. 

This month Clearance: No Lies Middle East up to 20% Off. $4 each for 5 or more cards. 1 card only $4.50. 

10 Jun 2010

MTN, AWCC, Roshan Top Ups

Dear Valued Customers, 

We are pleased to announce that we have hired couple people  in Kabul, Afghanistan to supply us the Scratch Top Up Cards for MTN, AWCC and Roshan. Therefore, we have MTN, AWCC and Roshan Top Ups Scratch Cards with PIN Codes in 250 AFS and 500 AFS in Stock. If you decide to purchase, then, you will receive the pin codes to your email to install them to your phones.  Please make sure you purchase the right product. After a one time verification, you will receive your pin codes instantly via email. 

We may get Etisalat Top Ups as well. 

We are the only company that carry MTN, AWCC and Roshan Scratch Card Top Ups where you will receive full amount in Afghani. For example, if you purchase 10 of the 250 Afghani, then, you will receive to total 2500 Afghani. There will no currency exchange or anything. You will receive what you purchase. By purchasing these cards you are also supporting couple families in Afghanistan by giving them job. 

MTN --------code 9377xxxxxxx



Etisalat----9378xxxxxxx coming soon! 

Calling Card from USA, Canada and UK with local access numbers and with toll free (rates vary) from over 30 countries around the wrold. For your convenience we have also made www.watantel.com ready. You may recharge Watan Calling Cards online, via the phone just be dialing access number, and could set up auto recharge. Very convenient and 100% under your control.  Rates as low as 1 cent to many countries with 100% satisfaction grantee! 

Thank you for supporting an independent small business! We are not a corporate nor affiliated with any corporations. We are independent prepaid distributor and supplier! 

For any questions please contact us at sales@callafghanistan.net 

25 Jun 2010

TOP UPs and Prepaid Calling Cards

Dear Valued Customers, 

We are very happy to serve thousands of our valued customers with their prepaid needs in Afghanistan, USA and Canada and around the world. We would like to give you all an update, that many people are using our Watan Calling Card (Pinless card) via www.watantel.com or regular calling card on our www.callafghanistan.net website  and they are very happy with the service. There are no hidden charges, no connection or disconnection fees. Customers may recharge easily via phone and online.  

Watan Calling Cards could also be used as callback from around the world. Customers even from Afghanistan may use Watan Calling card to call back to the US or Canada for about 24cents/min. Rates vary from countries to countries. Please  Visit www.watantel.com for more info. 

Also, currently we carry MTN Afghanistan, Roshan Afghanistan, AWCC Afghanistan and Etisalat Afghanistan. If anyone needs Afghan Telecom Top Ups please let us know and we will get the Afghan Telecom Top Ups as well if needed. 

In addition, we carry ATT, Verizon, T-mobile and Boost USA Top Ups. 

People from USA/ Canada calling AWCC could use Ertebat Calling cards and a $5 would deliver 28 mins. For the rest please use Watan Calling Card because it is the best calling card to call around the world. Watan Calling Offers Flat Rates! 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need help! 


Best Regards, 



28 Sep 2010

Afghanistan Mobile Recharges


Dear Valued Customers, 

All our 500 AFS Scratch Top Up Cards for all 4 Major Wireless companies in Afghanistan are $12.50 each for 3 or more cards. By Scratch cards, we mean the Mobile Refill cards that comes with pin codes & customers may forward the pin codes to loved ones in Afghanistan to refill their phones.  Pin Numbers will be delivered instantly after payments received to activated accounts. 

We will try our best to have enough cards for the new years, but cannot grantee due to market instability in Kabul Afghanistan. However, for Roshan online Top Up, we will never fall short. Because we have unlimited credit with Roshan Online Top Up, which means we could apply the credit directly to the Roshan phones.  

Also, if you have families in the USA, Canada or UK, we recommend them to use our Watan Calling Cards to call to Afghanistan or elsewhere around the world. They are the best to Call Roshan phones, Etisalat phones, Afghan Telecom phones...etc. No hidden charges, we offer flat rate of about 21c/min. That means a $10 card will deliver 45 Mins and you may use as multiple calls. No taxes or fees. Only 1 min rounding. For Watan Cards you may also register at www.watantel.com for Pin-less Account at the same rates, which means you will not need to dial any pins to make calls. You may register all your home, cell or offices phones and use from any of them without dialing any pin codes. You may even recharge from phone instantly without going to Internet or set up auto recharge or recharge manually from your account available 24/7. Or purchase regular calling card from www.callafghanistan.net    

If you are calling AWCC phones from US or Canada please use Ertebat cards which a $5 card will deliver 28 Mins to Afghan Wireless phones only. They will deliver 16 Mins to other phones. 

*** Note: The sale is for AWCC, Roshan, MTN, and Etisalat Top Ups that work as reload or refills for the local phones in Afghanistan only, so customers who purchase calling cards from us to call Afghanistan should not purchase. Please make sure you purchase the right product. All Sales are finale. No returns and no exceptions ones the pins delivered. 

Limited Supplies and We do not grantee that everyone will receive. The offer is based on First come and first served. No we do not accept orders via phone or email. Please place your order online. 

The Best Calling Card to call from US/Canada/Uk to Afghanistan is Watan Calling Card. Please try it if you have not done yet. 100% Grantee. 

We appreciate everyone doing business with us! Thank you for supporting small independent and not a corporate business!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via sales@callafghanistan.net   

Best Regards, 


Watan Communication Team.

11 Dec 2010

New Arrivals



  • Now we offer Afghan Telecom Scratch Top Up cards in 1000 AFS and 500 AFS
  • Comming Soon: Instant Online Top Up for over 120 carriers
  • Will Swtich with another Mobile Top Up provider for Stable Currency Rates
  • Wasel is a Calling Plan or Sime Card from Etisalat, it is not another Operator, some people seems to get confused with that.
  • If you have not tried Watan Pinless (www.watantel.com), we can give you a $2 Free Trial, no obligation. Just forward us your phone number to add credit to it. Via emails only. Not over the phone

However, we always recommend Scratch Top Up cards instead of Online Top Ups because you will know exactly how much credit you will receive.

We Offer Instant Pin Delivery To the Following Products:

· Roshan Scratch Top Up or Refill Cards (500 AFS only $12.50 Each for 3 or more)

· MTN Scratch Top Up or Refill Cards (500 AFS only $12.50 Each for 3 or more)

· AWCC Scratch Top Up or Refill Cards (500 AFS only $12.50 Each for 3 or more)

· Etisalat Scratch Top Up or Refill Cards (500 AFS only $12.50 Each for 3 or more)

· Afghan Telecom Scratch Top Up or Refills Cards in 1000 AFS & 500 AFS

We Offer the best Calling Cards to Call to Afghanistan from around the world and there will be no cost to the person in Afghanistan since all incoming calls are free in Afghanistan.

  • Watan Calling Cards are the best cards to call all networks in Afghanistan or to call around the world
  • Eretebat calling cards are the best cards to call the AWCC phones. Works from Aust, Europe, UK, USA and Canada. USA and Canada Ertebats only $4.25 each for 5+
  • Pamir Card is a supper clean card to around the world.

Ordering from Afghanistan or other countries? No more invalid country issues, no more ip restrictions.


For any questions please contact us at info@pamircard.com

Truly Yours,

Abdul Laiq





















11 Jan 2011

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